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March 30, 2011
March 23, 2011

Twitter Name Change & Project

March 9, 2011


Concerning our new twitter namechange, from UKJYJ to RedOceanGB. Mostly it’s because a lot of people thought we support JYJ only; we support all five of them. Secondly it’s because a lot of people kept getting UKJYJ and JYJUK mixed up, so this was easier for all of us. Our blog will stay the same […]

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[TWITTER] JaeJoong And JunSu 110305

March 6, 2011


JunSu: @0101xiahtic: 안녕! http://yfrog.com/gyyd2jdj JunSu: Hello! http://yfrog.com/gyyd2jdj Source: Junsu’s twitter | Translated by, UKJYJ JaeJoong: @Mjjeje:J.y자작곡이 오늘로 또 한곡이 탄생했다. 신곡을 만든다는건 기분좋은 일.yfrog.com/h32g8sj (Jaejoong) Today marked the birth of another J.y composition. It is a joyous event to create new songs. http://yfrog.com/h32g8sj (3:56am KST) @Mjjeje: 열정을다해서 준수 yfrog.com/gzah1qtj (Jaejoong) Junsu, giving his all http://yfrog.com/gzah1qtj (4:02am KST) Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter] Translation […]

[SCANS] JYJ Music Essay “Their Rooms”

March 4, 2011


There were issues with the full-sized image links, so I uploaded them to photobucket too, which you can find here Below are a few scans from the music essay~ Since I couldn’t scan Keep Your Head Down since my scanner was too small, and surprisingly, a lot of people haven’t seen the music essay so~ […]

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[NEWS] Junsu’s Special “Tears of Heaven” Performances!

March 4, 2011


Via: Koreaboo Source: sharingyoochun On March 3rd, a music official said, “After Kim Junsu got a letter from his young 15 year old fan girl, he decided to do two more performances for the musical.” The letter said, “I have been your fan for a long time, and I would like to watch the musical […]

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[TWITTER] Junsu 110303

March 3, 2011


Source: [Junsu’s Twitter] Translation Credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net Shared by: tohosomnia.net Junsu: 바키라 떡실신~ㅋ http://yfrog.com/gyk6lgaj (Junsu) Bakira is passed out~ lol http://yfrog.com/gyk6lgaj Junsu: 레오와 카시야스 나란히 사이좋게~ㅎ 형침대에서 너희들 안내려올래..!!!! http://yfrog.com/h058843553j (Junsu) Leo and Casillas together and getting along~ haha Guys, come down from this hyung’s bed immediately..!!!!