[NEWS] Numbers Matter! Take Part In JYJ Europe Families Survey!

Posted on February 26, 2011


If you have taken it before, please retake it because it was changed on Sunday 27th of February!

There is one thing which most business respond to– and those are facts and figures. Companies want to make sure they are not going to lose out money if they put some in– it’s business studies 101. And so given that incentive, if we want JYJ in Europe, we have to give them figures of the amount of people who would be willing to travel to see them in Europe.

There’s been surveys and petitions before, but with JYJ gaining ever more fans, we need updated numbers so that we can show the people in charge, that if JYJ came to Europe, they would most definitely not become a failure. Please go here and take our quick survey to help us!

Eurocassies now is the time to show your brilliant, passionate love!  Hwaiting!

Please reblog, retweet, email, mention this to your friend! Word of mouth is powerful, and not every single cassie has a twitter or keeps up with fansites– but word of mouth, and sites like AllKPop, Koreaboo and Soompi can reach the others!

Poll Link

Hopefully the poll works now!

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