[NEWS] iTunes is a Fake!

Posted on February 28, 2011


From C-jes website;

Attention to Illegal music files of “Their Rooms” on Itunes

Thank you for your consistent interest on JYJ’s music essay ‘Their Rooms’

The music files of JYJ’s music essay ‘Their Rooms’ currently sold through Itunes are not officially distributed by Cjes Entertainment, JYJ’s management company.

Please be careful not to buy the illegal music files of songs of music essay.

Thank you.

‘The Beginning’ on iTunes however, seems to be the real deal, so you’re safe to purchase that one!

Now, we all want to help the boys, but please do it in legal ways which HELP them; though I can’t tell if this was someone trying to help, or someone trying to make a pretty penny. Either way, the message stands. Please be polite and make sure the things you do to support them are legal.


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