[NEWS] JYJ Tour in Australia Cancelled!

Posted on February 28, 2011


A sad day for Aussie-Cassies indeed. Their hard work and determination to bring JYJ to Austrailia fell through due to money issues– which is the same issue we are facing within Europe. Fear not though, since Aussie Cassies haven’t given up, and neither should we. I’m sure if we all keep trying and working together, we will eventually prevail!

Although it’s a huge set back in terms of making the world consist of more than just America and Asia, we can’t let it dishearten us. Show your  support to Aus, and  help them achieve the same thing we want. Just because the path is blocked, doesn’t mean there aren’t side roads to get to your destination!

Below is a statement released by Epik Entertainment today, the event management company that was to bring JYJ to Australia:

Epik Entertainment originally contacted JYJ’s management for an Australian Tour via our Korean / Singaporean representative in Seoul, Korea to discuss the JYJ tour. Plans had already been made on Saturday, 7th May 2011 for the event to be held at Hordern Pavillion in Sydney. With much anticipation we, the management team planned to organise the event as soon as possible and had a get together meeting. We finally decided to go on with the project but faced two drawbacks. Firstly there was the problem of time and secondly the lack of sponsorship for the event. After exhausting all options, Epik Entertainment could not conjure the necessary sponsorship in time for the tour, therefore with great regret; Epik Entertainment had to cancel JYJ’s tour to Australia. We are sorry for any inconveniences we may have caused anyone. We are willing to negotiate in the future with JYJ when necessary sponsorship and fan base grow.

Yours sincerely,
Epik Management.

Via TVXQ-Austrailia.

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