[STAFF] Forum Admins and Translators Needed!

Posted on February 28, 2011


I am currently putting together a forum which can be used by the entire Cassiopeia family, not just the UK and Europe. But before anything is finished, put together or posted, we need some admins and moderators! I know a lot of people don’t take part in forums because sometimes they feel them too poorly moderated, so I want to make sure we always have a moderator around, and that our mods and admin’s are fair, but also strict.

The requirements to become a forum admin/mod? Well, not much. Speak at least a bit of English– if it’s your second language, please say so as that will help us moderating topics in other languages. The other requirement is to be fair, and to not abuse your mod powers!

To apply, email us at ukjyj@hotmail.com with the subject title “Application for forum admin” and tell us why you would like to be a forum admin! Also please include your spoken languages!

We also need translators! Mostly Korean and Japanese, but having things in other languages is also a ‘perhaps’. To apply for this, email us at ukjyj@hotmail.com with the subject “Application for translator”, include the language you’re translating from and into (Korean into English, Spanish into Japanese, etc etc) and give us a translation example! Pick a news article from your chosen language, and translate it. Include a link to the original please too!

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