[NEWS] JYJ’s ‘Real 24’ Cancelled!

Posted on March 1, 2011


As many of you know, QTV had previously delayed ‘Real 24’ giving excuses about there not being the demand for it– now they have officially cancelled. It’s a huge disappointment to fans, to c-jes and to JYJ themselves. No one really seemed to expect anything more than this to happen, but even so, it’s a shame.

Below is the statement from C-jes


We’d like to inform you of QTV’s cancellation [of Real JYJ 24]. Real TV that was intended to show JYJ’s real life to bridge the gap between JYJ and the fans was cancelled.

JYJ’s Real TV was scheduled to air in February, but today we got a notice from QTV that they cannot air (방송 불가) it.

We apologize to fans that were looking forward to JYJ’s Real TV after QTV distributed press release and PR materials.

QTV’s footage of JYJ will be handed over (귀속) to C-Jes Entertainment, and we will do our very best to deliver the footage to fans as early as possible.

Thank you.

Translation by. @Spring_Breezes

Source. CJES


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