[NEWS] Jaejoong and Yuchun Confirmed For New Dramas!

Posted on March 2, 2011


Credit: Newsen

According to Newsen, both Jaejoong and Yuchun have been confirmed for new dramas– it was already a rumor about it, but now it’s official! I was confirmed on ‘Entertainment Today’ on MBC.

Yuchun is confirmed for the lead in Good Bye Mr. Ripley, for some reason, the name of this rings a lot of bells in my head– did the BBC have a soap with a similar name? Hmm. If his acting in Sungkyunkwan scandal is anything to go by, this drama is going to be very good!

Jaejoong has been confirmed for Han Ban Do, though as far as I am aware, nothing has been said about his character yet. You may remember it was unclear whether he would join for a few episodes as a cameo, or if he’d be a main character– hopefully the latter! He was amazing in Japanese drama ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’, if you haven’t watched that yet, I advise you do!

Looks like a busy year for JYJ as Junsu’s ‘Tears of Heaven’ continues to pull in great reviews. Recently attracting attention due to the emotion he puts within his performances. Junsu recently spoke about his role and pulling the emotions out for his character here. (Translation to come soon, I hope!)