[PROJECT] “Fly Away, Love!”

Posted on March 23, 2011


So I wanted to do something simple to show support, and a lot of Brits/European’s are too suspicious to do anything like donate money, and we’re so separated fan meet-ups are hard to organise–  not to mention, a lot of people just don’t have the money to help in ways they want to. So I thought, there has to be some other way, right? Something accessible to everyone, there’s always something.

In recent week’s, Japan has been struck by many bad things, and more bad things keep happening. There’s no way to help every one of them, or to show them all we’re thinking of them and hoping they pull through okay; so something small should be done, to make even a few smile.

So what is our project? Well, it’s very simple; and it only requires three things.

A helium balloon, ribbon/string and some paper or a label.

I think you can see where I’m going with this, right? ^^

We will write messages, wishes for them, lyrics, or quotes on the paper and attach it to the ribbon or string, which will be attached to a balloon to be released into the sky. It’s that simple.

Please use red or white balloons, and if you can, red or white ribbon/string, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t. Please write your message in English, your native language or Japanese, and on the back of the paper, if you wish, write your twitter name, or our twitter name (@RedOceanGB), so the people who find the messages can also join in ^^.

Once you have your balloon ready, please take a picture of it, either before you let it go, or as it’s flying away. Also please post the message you included. Tweet us the pictures and messages, and we’ll compile them into one large post! There’s no deadline to the project, you can do it whenever you want!

It’s a light hearted project designed so that everyone can join in, and just to show support and love for other humans– which not enough people do by default. No matter what country you’re from, feel free to join in and tweet us your pictures or comment with them here!