[PROJECT] Europe Goes Viral

Posted on March 30, 2011


Supply and demand is the basic to business studies. There can be no supply without a demand– straight forward. However, it’s creating the demand which is the hard part; especially within Europe. Our media is not as easily targeted as America or Asia, and even if magazines and papers receive mass emails or letters concerning something, they are likely to just ignore it.

So instead of alerting the media to JYJ, we are going to make the media discover them. Viral internet projects are one of the best ways to create this attention, so that is what we’re going to do. By creating awareness and new fans, being as loud as we can be, eventually it will attract the media’s attention.

And we do it in three steps;

The first is a youtube video. Simply spread the video around via email, blogs, facebook, twitter and other youtube videos. However, who you spread it to is the important part. There is no point putting it on K/Jpop related blogs/facebook/twitter/youtube videos! They are already aware of JYJ and we want to create new awareness.

Scan the top videos in your country, and comment. But be polite! “Here is a band I think you might like, they’re called JYJ and Kanye West worked with them.” Name-dropping Kanye West will get attention to, so that is important. Do the same on facebook and blogs! On twitter, tweet celebrities– musicians, radio dj’s in your country, the video. All it takes is one to listen to it, and retweet it for it to catch on.

The second step is to use this image;

Put it on facebook and ‘tag’ your friends in it, in fact, tag everyone possible. In the description of the picture, post a link to the video or explain why you love them!

The third step is forums and blogs. Create posts and threads titled “JYJ” and write posts about them. Factual posts– like a biography, tell them about JYJ, introduce the fanbase and tell them the most amazing thing about them that you can think of! Link to the video too if you want!

Please remember to be polite at all times doing this!
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