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[TWITTER] JaeJoong And JunSu 110305

March 6, 2011


JunSu: @0101xiahtic: 안녕! JunSu: Hello! Source: Junsu’s twitter | Translated by, UKJYJ JaeJoong: @Mjjeje:J.y자작곡이 오늘로 또 한곡이 탄생했다. 신곡을 만든다는건 기분좋은 일 (Jaejoong) Today marked the birth of another J.y composition. It is a joyous event to create new songs. (3:56am KST) @Mjjeje: 열정을다해서 준수 (Jaejoong) Junsu, giving his all (4:02am KST) Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter] Translation […]

[NEWS] Jaejoong and Yuchun Confirmed For New Dramas!

March 2, 2011


Credit: Newsen According to Newsen, both Jaejoong and Yuchun have been confirmed for new dramas– it was already a rumor about it, but now it’s official! I was confirmed on ‘Entertainment Today’ on MBC. Yuchun is confirmed for the lead in Good Bye Mr. Ripley, for some reason, the name of this rings a lot […]

[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong’s Predebut Pictures; “His youthfulness is an unchanging fact”

March 1, 2011


The fresh-looking close-up picture of JYJ Kim Jaejoong during his pre-debut times has been a hot topic among netizens. On last February 28th at one popular portal site’s bulletin board, many pre-debut pictures of Kim Jaejoong were uploaded with title “The real past photos of Kim Jaejoong” The pictures captured young face of Kim Jaejoong […]

[PICS] Intermodulation

March 1, 2011


So here it is ^^ A  few scans from Intermodulation. Please don’t remove the credits XD. Remember to buy them to support them too ❤ and no, I won’t give you unwatermarked/full sized images 😛 and no, I won’t scan any more than this. I was going to scan KYHD S.E BUT.. my scanner was […]

[TWITTER] Jaejoong 26/02/11

February 26, 2011


@Mjjeje 반갑다 얘들아 Nice meeting you guys